Weather Sheet

No-1 National Weather Sheet is an excellent quality emulsion which is specially formulated for use on all exterior surfaces.

Plastic Emulsion

No-1 National Plastic Emulsion is a top quality emulsion with improved coverage and finish.

Silk Emulsion

No 1 National Silk Emulsion is an economical emulsion with improved hiding power and a smooth finish.

Aqua Matt

No 1 National Aqua Matt is a premium quality water-based paint specially designed to give a luxury smooth finish to interior masonry surfaces, brickworks and wallboards.

Special Emulsion

No 1 National Special emulsion is superior quality paint. It is specially formulated.

Texture Emulsion

No-1 National Texture Emulsion is a top quality water based paste

Wall Putty

No 1 National Wall Putty is ideal for filling, cracks, holes and gaps in plaster, wood and other building material.

Water Based Primer

No 1 National Water Based Primer is a water-based wall sealer formulated to provide maximum protection against alkali and moisture,enhancing the performance of top coat.

Prime on

No-1 National Prime On is a high quality 100% acrylic based primer for all types of exterior masonry surface such as brick, plaster and and cement rendering.

Synthetic Enamel

No 1 National Synthetic Enamel is designed for use on interior and exterior wood and metal surface.

Matt Finish

No 1 National Matt Finish is designed for use on interior and exterior wood and metal surface.

Metallic Finish

No 1 National Metallic Finish is an excellent quality paint suitable for use on all types of wood & metal surfaces, It gives smooth and lustrous finish.

Red Oxide Primer

No 1 National red oxide primer is an excellent quality primer which protects the iron and steel from rust.

Aluminium Paint

No 1 National Aluminium Paint is a silver paint with a high metallic luster which protects the surface from corrosion, discolorations and effects of mild heat.

Wood Life

No 1 National Wood Life has a high gloss finish and has excellent abrasion resistance. No 1 National Wood Life is a solvent-based varnish suitable for use on all type of new or previously treated wood and metal.

Paint Remover

No-1 National Paint Remover is a High Quality Paint Remover which is use for removing synthetic enamel paint from the surface.


Its a high quality thinner which is used to remove enamel paints from the surface or to thinning the enamel paint